Posted by: Maria | June 21, 2008

Margot Eugoogle

is her name. Right now, anyway.

Posted by: Maria | June 20, 2008

Look, I Have the Cutest Puppy in the World!!

She’s 11 weeks old… a chihuahua/maltese mix. What do you think her name should be?

Here are the options so far… vote for one or suggest your own!






Delilah (Lila for short.)







Carla (after my dad)



Theresa (Tess)



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The Shack: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

So Annette, the former sheriff’s wife, gave me this book a few weeks ago. It’s called The Shack and she was very excited to share it because the guy who wrote it (William P. Young) has been a friend of their family for years. Well, as some of you may know, I’m pretty picky when it comes to books… and so I set this one on the table to wait until I felt like checking it out. I finally picked it up yesterday, and was surprised to discover last night that I had read almost the whole thing in one afternoon. I was even more surprised to find that I didn’t want to hurry through the ending. So I put it down and finished the last twenty pages this morning. It was a good choice.

They’re making a movie of our it right now, so I won’t give too much away, but I’m telling you, it’s a quick read that’s entertaining, inspiring and thought-provoking. I so rarely get to say that, I figured it was at least worth a quick post.

You can check it out here.

Posted by: Maria | June 13, 2008

Stepping Out: From the Kardashians to Media Reform

It’s been a busy month so far, and most of it spent away from home. I’m loving every minute of it, but also looking forward to returning to my Stevenson sanctuary.

Last week Goldie and I Kept Up With the Kardashians for like 8 hours straight. It was hard work! After 6 hours of programming, we dolled up and strolled through downtown Stevenson to test the effects. Not stellar, I have to say, though Goldie’s results were much better than my own.

In Portland I stopped in to visit with Myriah and Harvey. They’re as healthy and happy as they look in the photo!

Then Bertha and Fernando held down the fort…

while Cynthia and I represented at the National Media Reform Conference in Minneapolis.

The conference kicked ass and it was fun to meet more of Cynthia’s awesome friends. Bill Moyers was so inspiring I got verclemt, and Arianna Huffington so sultry that poor Cynthia was spent:

Now I’m in Seattle, staying with my brother and his beautiful boys.

Jaxon turned 5 on Monday, and for a change I was around to participate. But we’re saving the big celebration for this weekend, when the whole famdamly will convene in Seattle for Father’s Day festivities.

Hope everyone is well, and that you’ll come out and tip a few pints with me next Saturday. I miss you!!!

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Blues, Brews and BBQ, Anyone??

Next Saturday, June 21st, is Stevenson’s annual Blues, Brews and BBQ event, just down the hill from my house. I’ll be heading down after noonish to enjoy some music, beer and hopefully sunshine on the banks of the mighty Columbia River. Goldie and Alia are coming out for it… looks like a good time. Won’t you join us???

Posted by: Maria | May 30, 2008

Thursday Roundup: 5/29, Written on Friday, 5/30

I just returned from the riverside and I’m happy to report that it’s going to be another beee-utiful weekend in Stevenson! The blackberries are in blossom, giddy kiteboarders are getting a jump on the weekend and Maria is happy, relaxed and workin’ on a tan.

Events and Outings:

On Friday evening there’s a free, all-ages show at Bahma, (256 SE 2nd Street (HWY 14)). Bring the whole family out after dinner to hear Jesse Meade play blues guitar from 7-9:00 pm.

On Saturday evening from 6-9:00pm, the Stevenson/Carson “highly capable” students join Bahma in hosting “All You Need is Love,” an art show and fundraiser featuring the work of local artists and students. Proceeds will benefit the North Bonneville assisted living center.

(Thank goodness for Bahma, which seems to be the only local business interested in community-building… Make sure to thank them if you go!)

At the Cabin:

Goldie and Alia might come out on Friday night. Cynthia and her parents, who are visiting from New Zealand, might come out to golf on Saturday.

As for me… I want to go hiking and see some waterfalls! It’s been ages.

Over and out.

We danced:

We worked:

We laughed:

We loved:


We baked:


We barbecued:

Fernando\'s breasts

Camille won the cocktail making contest, hands down…

and Cynthia consumed the evidence.

the cocktail contest

We walked to town and saw the sights:

…and so much more.

A big, huge hug and an open invitation to everyone who made this a great Memorial Day weekend. I had SO much fun and I hope you did too.

(Photos courtesy of Rhyen Coombs and Sung Il Kim. Thanks, kids!)

Events and Outings:

It seems like there aren’t many official events in and around Stevenson this weekend, even at Bahma, which usually hosts weekend concerts. The only thing I can find is Sunday’s Pacific Crest Trail hike. Looks like a good one, though! I’m going and I’ll bet Camille will want to come along too.

Also, Skamania Lodge golf course is offering a weekend special on “tee time.” Check out the prices here. (I don’t actually play golf, so I can’t tell how great of a deal this is!)

Fun at the Cabin:

I’ve got an A+ lineup of guests coming through this weekend. Give me a call if you’d like to join us. There’s still room on the couch! NOTE: We seriously need to source some firewood and a grill. Anybody got a line on those items??

  • Sung and his mommy are coming today.
  • Goldie, Alia, Mari are coming out on Friday and staying through Saturday.
  • The Casas clan arrives on Saturday afternoon, dogs and babies in tow. They’ll be here till Monday.
  • I’m kidnapping the illustrious Rhyen Coombs on Sunday and bringing her out to join the partay

That’s it! Have a great weekend and do let me know if I’ve overlooked something.

Posted by: Maria | May 21, 2008

Anti-War Vet

anti-war vet

The fantabulous Goldie Davich paid me a visit early this week. What a treat!

After an initial impassioned catch-up session, we were in the mood to indulge, so we left the baby at home to watch South Park and wandered into town.

First we stopped at the pharmacy, which carries an amazing array of crap you never knew you needed.

Goldie gets wet n\'wild.

We blew Goldie’s cash on candy, wet n’ wild and incense, but resisted their amazing collection of colorful plastic footwear.

After whetting our appetites with drugstore candy and wandering around a bit more, it was on to our preselected junkfood destination: The Little Viking Drive In.

Little Viking Drive-In, on the outskirts of downtown Stevenson.

(340 SW Hwy 14 Stevenson, Washington 98648, 509-427-8888. Open 11am-9pm, 7 days a week. CASH ONLY!)

God, you gotta love this place and their A-Z menu of stuff that’s bad for you. Basically if you can fry it, they’ve got it. We went the moderate route this time and shared the taco salad ($6.75) and tater tots ($2.50) to make sure we’d have room for ice cream. At first I thought it wasn’t worth the price, but it turned out to be the perfect amount.

Continuing with the theme of moderation, we forwent the fried ice cream and instead opted for the standard “single scoop.”

Thank god we saved room, too, cuz Little Viking’s ice cream kicks ass. For the same price as up the road at Grannie Gedunk’s ($2.50), Little Viking served me a pint of the best peanut butter chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. EVER. Not only is it loaded with peanut butter, it also has mini peanut butter cups! Can you imagine… It’s truly inspired. Goldie had pralines-n-cream, which is also incredible, apparently, tho I was too blown away by my own to stop and taste hers.

So there you have it… Goldie and Maria’s first stop on the Homer J. Simpson tour of Stevenson, WA.

***Tune in next time when we review the Venus Cafe, where the crew is sassy and the eggs come fast and loose.

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