Posted by: Maria | May 30, 2008

Fun with Friends and Family: A Photo Summary of Our Kick-Ass Memorial Day Weekend

We danced:

We worked:

We laughed:

We loved:


We baked:


We barbecued:

Fernando\'s breasts

Camille won the cocktail making contest, hands down…

and Cynthia consumed the evidence.

the cocktail contest

We walked to town and saw the sights:

…and so much more.

A big, huge hug and an open invitation to everyone who made this a great Memorial Day weekend. I had SO much fun and I hope you did too.

(Photos courtesy of Rhyen Coombs and Sung Il Kim. Thanks, kids!)



  1. That was so much fun! Such a beautiful area. I’ll get my photos uploaded soon…

  2. Sounds like great fun!

  3. Great pictures Rhyen and Sung! Maria, thank you for opening your home and heart to my family. We had a great time. :-*

  4. Wow, I grew up about 15 miles from Stevenson and I never had that much fun there.
    Good for you guys!

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