Posted by: Maria | May 21, 2008

The Homer J. Simpson Tour of Stevenson, WA: Stop 1, Little Viking Drive In

The fantabulous Goldie Davich paid me a visit early this week. What a treat!

After an initial impassioned catch-up session, we were in the mood to indulge, so we left the baby at home to watch South Park and wandered into town.

First we stopped at the pharmacy, which carries an amazing array of crap you never knew you needed.

Goldie gets wet n\'wild.

We blew Goldie’s cash on candy, wet n’ wild and incense, but resisted their amazing collection of colorful plastic footwear.

After whetting our appetites with drugstore candy and wandering around a bit more, it was on to our preselected junkfood destination: The Little Viking Drive In.

Little Viking Drive-In, on the outskirts of downtown Stevenson.

(340 SW Hwy 14 Stevenson, Washington 98648, 509-427-8888. Open 11am-9pm, 7 days a week. CASH ONLY!)

God, you gotta love this place and their A-Z menu of stuff that’s bad for you. Basically if you can fry it, they’ve got it. We went the moderate route this time and shared the taco salad ($6.75) and tater tots ($2.50) to make sure we’d have room for ice cream. At first I thought it wasn’t worth the price, but it turned out to be the perfect amount.

Continuing with the theme of moderation, we forwent the fried ice cream and instead opted for the standard “single scoop.”

Thank god we saved room, too, cuz Little Viking’s ice cream kicks ass. For the same price as up the road at Grannie Gedunk’s ($2.50), Little Viking served me a pint of the best peanut butter chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had. EVER. Not only is it loaded with peanut butter, it also has mini peanut butter cups! Can you imagine… It’s truly inspired. Goldie had pralines-n-cream, which is also incredible, apparently, tho I was too blown away by my own to stop and taste hers.

So there you have it… Goldie and Maria’s first stop on the Homer J. Simpson tour of Stevenson, WA.

***Tune in next time when we review the Venus Cafe, where the crew is sassy and the eggs come fast and loose.


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