Posted by: Maria | May 16, 2008

Thursday Roundup: 5/15

Ori and I walked for like 2 1/2 hours today. Since it was so dang warm out, we drifted toward the river, where we saw boats, kiteboarders and surfers. Man, it looks like so much fun. I wanna learn to kiteboard! I stopped by the chamber of commerce and chatted with Angie, who used to be on swim team with my cousin Missy. She showed me some brochures. So far Hood River WaterPlay is the only place I can find in the area that offers kiteboarding lessons.

Surely there are others who offer this?

Anyway, there’s a charming little park at the waterfront, where you can watch
the river, work on your laptop, or just lay around in the grass.

Ori beat the heat at the water’s edge, and made like ten new friends.

Weekend Events and Happenings:

There’s this band caled Hillstomp at Bahma, the coffee shop, on Friday night. I don’t know if they’re worth $10… seems a little steep. (21 and over.) I’m open to opinions and recommendations… Convince me!

Then on Saturday you can stop by the 13th Anniversary Celebration at the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center.

When: 5/17/2008
Start Time: 11:00:00 AM
End Time: 4:30:00 PM
Venue: Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center Museum
Information: 990 SW Rock Creek DriveStevenson, WA (800)-991-2338

Annual free admission day, election of board members, speaker Gary Lentz, demos of traditional hand crafts, live music, new exhibits, and a BNSF safety program.

I’ve been to an event there. It’s pretty neat and informative.

And on Sunday? Well actually I’m not sure about Sunday yet. It’s clanyard’s birthday party, so I’ll probably swing by that event. If I were going to be in Stevenson, I’d probably hike.

Always good times.



  1. I’m going to a play that one of the apostles from JCSS, Ryan, is in on Saturday night. The river water is still super cold. Its so hot and yet the water is too cold to swim in. For me this is the in between where i just end up laying around… Do you have plans for Monday? If you are planning on coming into town on Sunday I would love to drive back with you and head home on Monday some time. It the weather is good I have a bunch of books I would like to read in the sun…

  2. Are you coming into town on Monday to drop off Ori? We have an NSP meeting at my place on Tuesday… you can drop him off then and stay for the meeting. Or you can come Monday and stay till tuesday (I v. much like that 80’s band).

  3. Hey there!
    I bet you’d get a kick out


  4. You gotta see Hillstomp. Don’t doubt the price. Once you’re at the show and Hillstomp is ripping out their brand of N. Mississippi Blues, you’ll believe that they’re worth every penny. That’s why they’ve sold-out their shows at Bahma bar everytime. Don’t miss it!

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