Posted by: Maria | May 16, 2008

Intrigue on I-84

So, yesterday morning when I was driving from Portland to Stevenson, this funny thing happened. Maybe I’m naive and this happens all the time at 10:00am on a Thursday. Who knows?

Anyway, I’m driving east along I-84 and Ori and I are checking out this truck that’s passing me on the left. It’s a black Toyota with this built-in pen for two dogs in the truck bed. Out of these little windows we can see two sniffing dog noses, and two identical dog cheeks flapping in the wind.

After a little while I look over to my left, and there’s Mr. Truckndogs, on my left again. He gives me a wave and drives on. Weird that he’s passing me again. But not that weird.

A few miles later, the truck’s directly in front of me, and I see truck and dogs exiting off to my right, toward this pristine little lake. Aw, how nice, I think. Dude and his dogs are going off to hunt and fish. I see the guy’s hand come out of the window as he’s pulling off.

I continue down the road a bit, searching for tunes among half-audible stations. Then I pick up my phone to see that I missed a call from my dad. I dial him back. As soon as he starts talking to me about some business thing, I glance up to my left, and who’s there, but Mr. Truckndogs!! He slows down, holds up a piece of 11 – 8 paper that says “WANT ME??”

I must have looked at him like he was absolutely nuts. Cuz that’s what was going through my mind. I glared at him, shook my head no, and gesticulated at the phone, sure that he could understand that it was my father, for god’s sake, on the other end.

He put down the paper and zoomed off down the highway.

My questions are these:

1. Where did note on the paper come from? Did he write it at the lake? Or six weeks ago?

2. Had I indicated yes, what on earth would I have been agreeing to? A quickie in the woods? To become Mrs. Truckndogs? or the next Laura Palmer, wrapped in plastic?

Maybe this has also happened to you?!? If there’s somebody out there who has the in on this scene, please do enlighten me.



  1. Oh, excellent questions, but the one your dear readers want to know (that you know) is– was this guy good looking? If not empiracally, then did he have something else going on that spoke to you– besides his dog-loving front?


    Now Ori is cock bait… this is gonna be one kick ass summer!!!

    And yes I want to know if he was hot.

  3. Sounds hot. Like 95 degrees hot.

  4. I love how it’s fine with you all that I’m the next Laura Palmer, as long as he’s hot. Awesome!

  5. you’re right; Ted Bundy was said to be v. handsome. I’m glad you didn’t fall for it, but YOu HAVEn’T ABSwEReD MY QUESTION!!!

  6. HA! control freak. I’ll tell you when you bother to show up on the mainland.

  7. fine, see u curbside @ PDX at 8am Monday morning!

  8. That’s entertaining—and kinda creepy.

    BTW, my dog Cooper is named after Agent Cooper of Twin Peaks.

    I’m certainly glad you’re not the next Laura Palmer!!

  9. Sounds like 84 certainly has its weirdos. Jeeze, I’m glad you’re OK, regardless of the hot-or-not interest. Who the hell cares? You gotta wonder if this guy gets anywhere with this goofy trick.
    I’ve heard of some guy who puts a light on top of his car like a cop and tries to pull girls over. They say that if it happens, turn on your emergency blinking lights and keep going to a place that has people around. Also, dial 911 and let them know what you are doing. They could find out if it is a real cop and let you know.

  10. ha. one more reason to stay away from the cops. thanks for the tip, mom!

  11. astral projection

  12. So kids, for the record, i have no idea if dude was hot or not. I was so blown out of the water by his 11×8-inch piece of NOTEBOOK PAPER, that I never even got a look at his face, let alone the rest of him. I do know he had a baseball cap on… which I take as a strong indicator that the relationship was not meant to be. Guess I’ll hafta keep lookin.

  13. oh god i keep leaving comments all over the place as adam… anyway you mom is right we should get one of those cop lights for the car.

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