Posted by: Maria | May 7, 2008

Hike of the Day: Wind Mountain

Today I gave Cynthia and Ori a workout, taking them up and down Wind Mountain in 80 minutes. Cynthia had requested “vertical,” and though I didn’t quite hit that mark, I did make her climb 1100 ft in 2 miles.

Ori takes in the view from the summit.

We didn’t chillax at the summit long (Amazingly enough, it was really windy!) and we did some trail running on the way back cuz Cynthia had to squeeze activity time in between two meetings.

C mixes business with pleasure.

But in spite all that, the experience was well worth the effort.

Here’s a view of what we climbed:

(Photo credit: Don Nelson.)

My favorite thing about Wind Mountain is that the summit houses a Native American archaeological site visited by young people during the spirit quest ritual. (See photo below.) I can’t seem to find much info about how or why this particular spot came to be considered sacred, but I can tell you this: At the top of the mountain, the wind makes this really nice, eerie sound, presumably blowing through some unseen but naturally-occurring jug-shaped structure. If I were searching for a guardian spirit and hoping for the wind’s input, this is where I’d go to listen.

(Photo credit: Jeff Statt, member of


  1. Cool, looks like a caldera. Would be fun to find that wind making jug structure. I bet a lot of indians have tried the same. Some things are best unrevealed I guess. Happy hiking!

  2. Oh my gosh, that mountain is GORGEOUS!

  3. You didn’t mention that we did the whole hike in 2 hours! Did I tell you that I just got over my legs being sore earlier this week. Thanks for the work out, Maria. Oh, and the sound came from — if I had to guess– a hollow log on the ground and the wind blowing through it made it sound like am didgeridoo.

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