Posted by: Maria | May 4, 2008

First Weekend Adventures

So Sung, in answer to your question, I ended up in Stevenson, WA because my aunt and uncle go to Yellowstone for like six months each year. When they heard I didn’t really have a place to live, they asked if I’d like to stay here. Pretty nice!

Today Ori and I took advantage of pristine weather to visit the public library, the public pool (A three-month pass costs $45.) and the Skamania County Fairgrounds, where Ori caused a scene, annoying a bunch of Canada Geese and the owners some very pretty llamas that were up for sale.

Goldie and Jodi have promised to come out on the shortbus sometime soon. Hooray!

Off to clean the kitchen and fold laundry.


  1. oh my god. you me and sung and 3 computers and the swiss alps… The first Great American Web 2.0 novel anyone?

  2. Wouldn’t it be great to have an Ori-cam? All of his mini-adventures with the owls and hawks and llamas… ORI’s PODCAST!!!

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