Posted by: Maria | May 3, 2008

Top Ten Reasons Why I’m Never Leaving Stevenson, WA.

10. Waterfall hikes. They’re everywhere!

9. Wildlife. Yesterday Ori and I saw bunnies, goldfinches and blue jays just wandering around the ‘hood.

8. Big kitchen. Well equipped, with island.

7. My view. (See banner photo!)

6. The neighbors to the east play bagpipes in the evenings.

5. The short bus to Vancouver costs $1!

Princess Ori

4. I’m already a celebrity. (Thanks to Goldie and Ori.)

3. Walking Man Brewing.

2. Free Wi-Fi… to make the town more progressive and tourist-friendly.

1. 3 br, 2 bath. I’m queen of my castle, and there’s room to spare. Come visit!


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