Posted by: Maria | September 19, 2008

The Fun Train is Making Its Last Run

Summer’s coming to an end, but the Fun Train has one last trip to make. Yay, it’s on the way!!

Arriving in car one: Goldie, Alia and Mark

In car two: Cynthia, Camille and Ori

In car three: Fernando, Andra, Catalina and Charlie

In car four: Janet and Carl

Possibly riding sidecar: Sung and Ankur

Posted by: Maria | September 6, 2008

Lars and Erin Go Hiking

They FINally showed up with Ethio at like 9:30. It took them like an hour at Dalo’s, poor things.

Now we’re going to Silver Star Mountain.

(I making Erin change first, don’t worry!)

Posted by: Maria | September 5, 2008

Triple Falls

This is the hike on which Cynthia booted Margoogley off the trail and down the cliff. Just for the record. (She has since been forgiven!)

Posted by: Maria | September 5, 2008

Bishop, CA., Labor Day Weekend

It was super fun!

Posted by: Maria | September 3, 2008

Ideas for Gorge Pubcrawl 2008

Who Wants Beer?

Friday, October 3rd


Walking Man Brewery

Where to stay in and around Stevenson:

Skamania Lodge (2.5 miles outside Stevenson)

Bonneville Hot Springs Resort and Spa (5 miles outside Stevenson)

Columbia Gorge Riverside Lodge (Just steps from Walking Man. Note: Also close to train tracks.)

Saturday, October 4th

Breakfast at hotels or Venus Cafe.


Lucky Labrador Beer Hall

1945 NW Quimby

(503) 517-4352

Bridgeport Brewery

1318 NW Northrup St
(503) 241-7179

Deschutes Brewery

210 NW 11th Ave


Rogue Brewery

1339 NW Flanders

(503) 222-5910

New Old Lompoc

1616 NW 23rd Ave

Sunday, October 5th


Brunch (and yet another beer?) at McMeniman’s Edgefield on the way. (15 minutes outside Portland on I-84.)

Hood River

Full Sail Brewery

506 Columbia Streeet



Big Horse Brewery

115 State St

(541) 386-4411

Have questions, comments or suggestions? Please leave them here.

Posted by: Maria | August 19, 2008

Margoogley is thriving, Ankur. Thanks for asking!

Yes it’s true. We went to see the anti-war vet yesterday and Margot is now tipping the scales at a healthy 5.7 pounds-a 25% increase since last month. She’s been hiking a lot and playing gladiators with Ori, so it’s pure muscle!

She also got her rabies shot (she screamed like the little girl she is), worm medicine and a mani/pedi, which she did not enjoy.

She misses you and sends her best to Mazzy.

Posted by: Maria | July 20, 2008

The Storm is Over.

Peace and quiet. Detox.

Posted by: Maria | July 18, 2008

Colgan Fishing Trip, 2008: Thursday

On the scene so far: David, Andrew, JP, Joey, WooWoo & Julia. It’s gonna be a great weekend. Call in sick and getcherass out here.

Posted by: Maria | July 14, 2008

Cutefest, 2008

OMG, it’s a cuteness extravaganza, and everyone’s vying for the top position!

Posted by: Maria | June 21, 2008

Introducing: The iPup Beta

The iPup called Margot Eugoogle is the first of an attractive line of accessories being released for summer 2008.

The new iPhone.

She is in beta. A two week free trail is available on registration.


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